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Making Noise, PHRI Asks The Government To Clarify Israeli-Affiliated Products

JAKARTA - The Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) has asked the government to clarify the list of each company and products affiliated with Israel to prevent a commotion in society."The government must immediately hold a social dialogue with the public to discuss these Israeli-affiliated products. This is important so that the public can understand that multinational companies in Indonesia are indeed conducting their business professionally," said PHRI Chairman Haryadi Sukamdani in an official statement quoted by ANTARA, Thursday, June 13.Haryadi highlighted the emergence of a list issued by a number of groups and contained the names of companies and products affiliated with Israel, according to him, it is necessary to confirm whether or not the list is true.In addition, the government is also asked to convey to the public that multinational companies in Indonesia are not affiliated at all or are concerned with any political ideology.Even if it is affiliated, the government is expected to sort out the names concerned wisely and appropriately. This step, he said, could turn off the livelihoods of employees who work in companies that are included in the boycott list.Haryadi admitted that he was sad to see the incident because his party had confirmed to brand holders who were selling boycotted products. He said there were not a single multinational product in Indonesia affiliated with Israel.In its meeting with brand holders, PHRI has requested that each company socialize to the public that its products are not affiliated with Israel.Unfortunately, the boycott news on various media platforms made the clarification they conveyed sink."Actually, we have asked each brand to socialize their ties to Israel. However, the news related to this clarification issue seems to have sunk with the news that cornered them more," he said.Like the Starbucks brand, he said. One of the restaurants that Israel is said to be affiliated with, it turns out that they provided humanitarian assistance to Gaza amounting to IDR 5 billion on the company's birthday.What I saw and happened to be unfortunate is the American company. But not the corporations, especially those operating in various countries. They also operate in countries that are still in conflict, countries in the Middle East," he said. SEE ALSO: Meanwhile, to the public, he asked all parties to sort out the news consumed. The public can check how the existence of companies that are suspected of being affiliated and the attitude the company has taken on Palestine.People can check their whereabouts, and what their attitude towards Palestine is. I have checked that they are companies that also work professionally and are not related to ideology," said Haryadi. The English, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and French versions are automatically generated by the AI. So there may still be inaccuracies in translating, please always see Indonesian as our main language. (system supported by